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What is nutrition consulting and how can I help you?

Seeking the support of a nutrition consultant may be one that you have thought about for a long time, and are now finally taking action on, or perhaps because of a new health diagnosis related to blood sugar imbalance, you are for the first time reaching out.   Chances are, if you are here reading this, your doctor has told you over the years to eat better and loose weight while your numbers continued to rise, but he or she did not tell you how to do this. You may have tried multiple diets out there, only to be discouraged, had your weight and symptoms yo yo, and then increase after each round. Within the current medical paradigm, even with the doctor’s best intentions, there is not enough time for them to teach you how to use food as medicine and restore your health.

Where we start

We will start with looking at the root causes of your health issues, paying attention to your bioindividuality.  When there is a health issue such as pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes, many other body systems can be affected.  With a thorough intake, we will determine where to start and which body systems to support.  


What you eat is as important as how you eat. Recognizing stress, how to minimize it,  prioritize health, healing, and self care, enables you to take your health in your own hands and gain back control of your life.  It takes a conscious effort to create new behavioral habits and plan meals in advance, so that you are eating the best foods possible. I am here to help hold you accountable and give you tips and support to do so.  


I find that most of my clients are very motivated by understanding how the body works and the relationship that we have with the food that we eat and don’t eat. We dive into where food meets physiology, and learn how sleep affects blood sugar, which foods lower inflammation, how they do that, why the timing of what you eat matters for blood sugar balance and weight loss,  as well as what you put on your plate and in what portion size.  The more you know, the more empowered you are and the more you are in charge of the change that can happen in the body.  

  • I start with the support for the adrenals, as that is the seat of your vitality.  Using food as medicine, we support the body in relaxing the stress response to be more available for healing, and rebalancing your metabolism and blood sugar.  
  • Restoring gut health is an important step, and this may include adding more fermented foods, healing leaky gut, eliminating food allergens, and cleaning up the diet so it is easier on the digestive system, detoxification systems, and the immune system. If the gut is out of balance, that can be a root cause of blood sugar imbalance.  
  • Restoring the gut brain connection with Amino Acid Therapy –  A gut that is out of balance could be affecting your mood, sleep, and cravings for carbohydrates and sugary foods. Amino Acid therapy provides immediate support in helping to restore your neurotransmitters that may be out of balance, supporting your cravings, sleep, ability to handle stress and to elevate the mood.You might have the very best of intentions, but if you are out of balance, you might have  a harder time following through with the choices you want to make. (wait did I just eat that?)
    • Amino Acid Therapy can also be successfully used with clients who are in the process of tapering off of SSRI or sleep medications with the help of their doctor.

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