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Pillars of Bone Health
The 5 Pillars to Bone Health

Nourishing your body all the way to the bones, requires you to look at the body a little different than just replacing the nutrients that make up the bone. Our skeletal structure not only keeps us upright, but our bones are also a storehouse for minerals and the birthplace for our red and white blood cells, platelets and stem cells, deep within the bone marrow. We might only think of our bones when it comes to aging and their density, but this dynamic tissue plays numerous roles in our overall health. A diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis can be scary. As we age, our bone density changes, but how much it changes can depend on many factors, relating to our whole body.

Edible Ayurveda - with Mary Sheila & DeAnna Batdorff :: Nutrition to Spice up Your Life

DeAnna and Mary Sheila will be sharing with you a deeper understanding of how food meets your physiology, so that you can reach your health goals through the time honored lens of Ayurveda! We'll be launching this online class soon, click here to learn more.

Blood Sugar Reset Retreat :: February 21-23

Blood Sugar Reset is for health conscious people who are ready to have a different relationship with their food and their bodies. If you are ready to: Reclaim your health; gain energy; loose weight; sleep better; and look and feel your best, then this approach is for you. This course is offered online and in person.

Rest and Digest: Optimize Your Immunity and Resilience through Ayurvedic Nutrition and Self-Care Mexico Retreat - March 21-28, 2020

The simple act of daily self care and understanding your body through the lens of Ayurveda gives you essential tools for resilience and thriving in these stressful times. You’ll restore balance within your immunity and revolutionize the way that you care for your body, mind and spirit. Together we’ll deep dive into Ayurveda essentials that support the healing of your digestion and entire hormonal system with the wisdom of the ages.