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Rest and Digest: Optimize Your Immunity and Resilience through Ayurvedic Nutrition and Self-Care Mexico Retreat – October 23-30th, 2021

The simple act of daily self care and understanding your body through the lens of Ayurveda gives you essential tools for resilience and thriving in these stressful times. You’ll restore balance within your immunity and revolutionize the way that you care for your body, mind and spirit. Together we’ll deep dive into Ayurveda essentials that support the healing of your digestion and entire hormonal system with the wisdom of the ages.

Optimal Nourishment
Optimal Nourishment for Bone Health

Join us on LIVE on Tuesday October 25th for a FREE masterclass, and discover a holistic, whole-body approach to maintaining strong bones as you age.

Learn dietary choices that supply the nutrient building blocks your body needs daily to keep forming healthy bones for a lifetime.

Discover how and why yoga practices nourish, support, and build strong, resilient bones throughout your life. Includes a FREE eBook – Optimal Nourishment for Bone Health – that includes tips for unlocking bone-supportive nutrients & removing anti-nutrients.

Book Club image2

Join Mary Sheila’s Free Vitality Book Club. 

The book we’re covering is called Atomic Habits by James Clear.

James Clear is one of the world’s leading experts on habit formation. In this book he reveals practical strategies that will teach you exactly how to form good habits, break bad ones, and master the tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results. In the book club you’ll get the support and inspiration you need to make new healthy habits, with the support of the community and our virtual meeting!

Boos your Biome
Boost Your Biome
Get ready to make magic in your kitchen! I will supply you with a shopping list, prep video, and all the recipes, so you can cook alongside me in real time. Kick off your ferment journey, or take it to another level. During this class you’ll make 4 delicious ferments, earning you some mad new skills in the kitchen. After the cooking session, you’ll learn about the amazing health benefits of ferments, how they can boost your immunity, and the best ones for your specific needs.

$75 Only $55 through August 21st.  Use Coupon: PICKLED20

Come cook along side me in the kitchen, and discover how easy it can be to prep the perfect ingredients for delicious, health promoting, nutrient dense salads! This class will give you a strong foundation for using naturally anti-inflammatory foods to create optimal health. Sign up today, and make it easy to nourish your best asset …YOU!

$75 Only $55 through April 3rd.  Use Coupon: SPRING20

Yoga & Ayurveda Bone Health Course
In-Person Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat

Experience how the deep wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda can transform the health of your bones with Mary Sheila Gonnella and Mary Beth Ray. Join us for a live, in person retreat in Northern California.

$165 Only $140 through July 31st.  Use Coupon: STRONGBONES25

The Food Solution Summit 2022

The Food Solution Summit was AMAZING!

We talked about autoimmunity with Dr. Terry Wahls, Ayurveda with DeAnna Batdorff and Talya Lutzker, and Chef’s Marcella Friel and Lizette Marx. Those were just a few of the brilliant guests.

There were daily recipes, demonstrated in my kitchen and loads of recipe demos from the inspiring chefs who shared some of their secrets in the kitchen.

While the summit is over now, you can still own the summit and all the amazing bonuses!

Edible Ayurveda – with Mary Sheila & DeAnna Batdorff :: Nutrition to Spice up Your Life

DeAnna and Mary Sheila will be sharing with you a deeper understanding of how food meets your physiology, so that you can reach your health goals through the time honored lens of Ayurveda! Get on the waiting list for the next round of Edible Ayurveda.


STARTS April 6th

Looking to renew your health and wellbeing? Blood Sugar Reset is just for you. Learn practices that bring balance and nourishment to your diet, metabolism, and lifestyle. This unparalleled course supports you in making lasting changes for real results.

Soup as Medicine – A Virtual Cooking Class

Get your taste buds ready! We’ll take you on a journey of soup, made 3 different ways, using spices & herbs to entice your pallet.

In addition to cooking together, you’ll learn about how spices & herbs have created health benefits for cultures around the world.


3 Ingredients – 3 Ways
Asparagus, Beets, & Homemade Sausage

Join us in your kitchen & discover new twists on spring favorites. Expand food’s potential with poached, roasted, pickled, crumbled, pesto’d, sauced, and spiced. Broaden your horizons 3 ways!


sleep courses page
The Secrets to Sleep

In this short video, I’ll show you how what you consume–and when–impacts how well you sleep, plus the secret to sleeping in for adults. 

On Demand Fermentation Class

Fermentation is an amazing way to nourish yourself, your family and your immune system. This class includes handouts and recipes, time in the kitchen “together”, a microbial talk, and a new skill learned that will nourish you for a lifetime!


Virtual Cooking Class: Nutrition for Optimal Brain Health

Food is medicine! Learn what foods and cooking techniques protect your brain, improve your mood, lower inflammation, and support long term cognitive health.


Blood Sugar Reset Retreat :: February 21-23

Blood Sugar Reset is for health conscious people who are ready to have a different relationship with their food and their bodies. If you are ready to: Reclaim your health; gain energy; loose weight; sleep better; and look and feel your best, then this approach is for you. This course is offered online and in person.