Understanding Carbs
Experience the power of nutrition and unlock your health goals by balancing carbohydrates with the Daily Carb Cycle
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Understanding Carbs

Understanding Carbs

By Mary Sheila Gonnella NC, BCHN

Unveiling the Daily Carb Cycle Approach for a Balanced Diet

Have you ever wondered what the right approach is to understanding how carbs fit into your diet?

It can be confusing, with different diets promoting different ways of eating. But it doesn’t have to be complicated! In this blog post, I will show you an Ayurvedic elemental approach to understanding and managing carbs for a balanced diet.

Carbs are an essential part of the human diet and can be found in many nutritious foods such as grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dairy products. But not all carbs are created equal. It is important to understand which are best for you, how much to consume and when to enjoy them.

I remember being confused about carbs when I first started out on my nutrition journey. I would start my day with a “healthy” smoothie, only to find myself shaking with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) an hour later, needing to eat a snack. 

But after learning more about the timing of my carbs through the day, as well as the hormonal rhythms and Ayurvedic rhythms of the day, everything clicked into place for me. The timing and cycling of Carbs provides us with insight to keep blood sugar stable while focusing on optimal nutrition and health. 

What I learned, even though my smoothie was not super sweet, was that a real meal, instead of a blended meal, with whole protein, whole food fat, and complex fiber that I cooked and chewed, gave me the slow burning fuel that allowed my mind to stay focused and my blood sugar to stay balanced throughout the morning. 

If I wanted an electrolyte rich nourishing smoothie, I learned that it worked better for me as the perfect afternoon snack, satisfying my sneaky sweet tooth that often creeps in at that hour.


What is the Daily Carb Cycle?

The Daily Carb Cycle is founded on the premise that in the morning, the circadian rhythm of insulin is naturally lower. The pancreas releases more insulin naturally as the day progresses. This means that to “honor” that rhythm, eating less carbs in the morning will not disrupt this natural rhythm. 

For example, consuming a savory breakfast that is high in protein, fat, and fiber should be done in the morning when you are breaking your fast.

Conversely, consuming an evening meal that has a higher amount of complex carbohydrates such as legumes, grains and root vegetables will help you to feel more satisfied throughout the night, and your body has the insulin output then for better blood sugar regulation. 

These complex carbs are also calming to the nervous system, supporting a good nights sleep. You can read more about these rhythms in my Breakfast Report

Practical Strategies for Eating Carbs During the Day

When it comes to smoothies, the act of blending the fruit, separates the sugars from the fiber, yielding a higher glycemic affect in the body. The sugars are much quicker to be absorbed from blended fruits than from whole fruit that we chew. Blended fruits  in the morning, could raise your blood sugar right out of the gate, setting  you up for higher sugar and insulin levels, and increased sweet cravings throughout the day. 

Experiment with how you feel after a savory protein rich breakfast, vs a smoothie, even if you add healthy fats, veggies, and protein powder. Try having your smoothie later in the day – or replacing another meal if you rely on them now. 


Final Thoughts on How to Implement the Daily Carb Cycle for Optimal Health and Nutrition

It’s important to pay attention to your body’s signals when determining how much and what types of carbohydrates to eat. 

By following this practical strategy, you can ensure that your body is getting the right balance of nutrients while avoiding any potential risks associated with overconsumption or under consumption of carbohydrates.

By using the Daily Carb Cycle as a guide and listening to your body’s signals, you can enjoy a balanced diet and optimal health. 

Be sure to stay tuned as I’ll be discussing more strategies for eating well and using the food you eat to improve your health so you can live a vital life!


Ready to start your journey towards balanced blood sugar and improved health? Let’s get started today! Contact me for any questions or advice on how to achieve better wellbeing. I’m here to help! 

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