The ABC’s of Nourishing Your Adrenals
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The ABC’s of Nourishing Your Adrenals


By Mary Sheila Gonnella NC, BCHN

Early on in my nutrition career, I studied with a doctor who specialized in the hormonal system, specifically the Adrenals. It was an eye opening class, and for me, was the gateway for diving more deeply into the hormonal system.

When he used me as an example of someone who’s “adrenals were shot” after taking an adrenal test, it became very personal. Needless to say, even though using me as the example was a little overwhelming, I also felt validated, because I had been feeling pretty exhausted, and suffered a lot of health issues growing up.

Luckily this class taught me how to support my adrenals through my diet and lifestyle. Like all holistic approaches, it’s never just one thing, but the habits that make up each day that can either contribute to our health and vitality, or steal our energy and contribute to health problems.

Looking through the lens of hormonal health has been my passion ever since. I teach people how to support and honor their hormonal system for optimal vitality, and I truly love the adrenal glands!

Over time, I’ve developed the ABC’s of Nourishing Your Adrenals:

A is for knowing your adrenals – What do these important glands do? Why are they important? and how can you nourish them?

B is for bringing balance to your adrenals, which is foundational to support your entire hormonal system

C is for Calm, and learning how to address elevated cortisol levels that contribute to stress and anxiety.

You can learn more about the adrenals and get some strategies for resilience by checking out my short Free video training:

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To your vital life,

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Founder, Occidental Nutrition

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